An Experience

Eating mindfully is more than just a healthy practice, with the right recipes it can be an experience for the senses too. Our recipes allow you to experiment with your cooking whilst staying mindful of the foods you consume. Our mission is to empower you to be more aware of your eating habits to feel good in your body, enjoy what you eat and be kind to the planet all at the same time.

A lifestyle

Living mindfully starts with being aware of the present moment, but it doesn’t stop there. With a choice of hundreds of mindfulness practises it can be a fulfilling lifestyle that helps you to live healthier and happier for longer. Mindful Plateful helps you to tackle nutrition in a new way by being mindful of what you’re eating, where it comes from and what this means for the environment.

A brand

Mindful Plateful is your friendly companion on your journey to living a mindful life. With our recipes and informative blogs, we hope to inspire you to make healthy, mindful choices for more than just your food. We want to encourage you to take good care of you and your loved ones so you can enjoy life’s simple moments knowing you are committed to your health.