6 Reasons Eating Locally & Seasonally Is Good For Everyone


Sometimes all you want is an exotic meal to brighten up a gloomy winter day. But opting for something seasonal and locally sourced has benefits for a variety of reasons.

1) Buying locally and seasonally is good for the environment

This is one of the more obvious benefits of eating seasonal food from your region. The average pineapple travels as far as 5,035 miles…that’s pretty far if you could have a local apple from the neighboring village instead. With less pollution caused, fewer plastic packaging users, and an overall lower carbon footprint eating locally contribute to healthier ecosystems around the world.

2) You support farmers in your community

Much of our income is spent on businesses that have very little to do with our local context. Exploring farmers’ markets or local businesses in our area is not only fun and can help to establish ourselves in a community, but it also brings economic benefits. Especially in times of economic downturn spending your money locally can prevent businesses from having to give up… isn’t it nicer chatting to the farmer around the corner than visiting an anonymous supermarket anyway?

3) Local and Seasonal produce is more nutritious

Food that has traveled less is fresher. That much is clear. This means more of the valuable nutrients our body craves to support our immune system are preserved. Another reason for this is that in order to travel well, produce has to be harvested before it is ripe and instead ripens on the trip. This leaves the food less dense with vitamins and minerals even though objectively it looks ripe.

4) You help to improve the local soil 

Produce promotes the diversification of local agriculture, which reduces the reliance of monocultures. Not only does this prove a benefit for farmers who are able to reduce or completely cut out the use of chemicals, but it also makes for a more diverse local habitat that can be preserved for generations to come.

5) It’s often cheaper 

Many of us have a vision of wildly expensive eco-shops when we think about eating locally and seasonally. When visiting farm shops, however, more often than not though produce is much less expensive because of the lacking markup. Without travel or handling involved, all you’re paying for is the actual food you’re taking home.

6) The chances of contamination are lower

Fewer steps between you and your food’s source mean fewer chances for contamination. Food grown globally has the potential for food safety issues at harvesting, washing, shipping and distribution. Buying locally keeps you on the safer side.